Friday, May 7, 2010

More Dead Workers, Environmental Disaster, And Bought Politicians: Business As Fuckin' Usual

I don't really blame President Obama. He is just doing what every other capitalist politician has ever done: show his outraged face to the public and his ass- kissing face to the corporate leaders. But what the fuck, Average Joe American? Especially y'all down on the Gulf Coast. Haven't you about had enough of this shit? This is the second time in under a decade where a huge disaster ( and this one is going to be a lot worse than Hurricane Katrina- the killing will just take longer) has hit your area and the Federal government is engaged in another stumblefuck, trying to deal with the problem with one hand tied to their balls.
Man, if I were living on the Redneck Riviera, I would be preparing the torches and sharpening my pitchforks. Because British Petroleum ( BP) with the blessings of our toady government in Washington, is dealing with the spill by dispersing it with chemicals. Think about that for a minute. The oil is being dispersed. Not cleaned up, not destroyed, dispersed. As in, spread out over a greater area. Sure it sinks and saves the birds and wetlands- some of them- but now the deepwater life gets the poison (plus, the agent used by BP was not tested by the EPA- that would have cost money).
What a monumental insult to injury. BP and our capitalist- controlled government are doing the equivalent of sweeping the dirt under the rug on a massive scale. How fucking stupid do you think we are, Mr. President? Just because the oil is floating on the surface of the ocean, do you think that we assume it's gone? Jesus, you are well on the way to joining Dub'ya in The Presidential Asshole Hall Of Fame.
Of course, if never occured to the President or anyone else in his administration of stooges to actually regulate the safety standards of their corporate benefactors. This whole mess could have been avoided if the Feds required BP to install a back- up switch on the pipeline's automatic shut-off valve. But no, not a word on the utter farce of corporate self- regulation. No insistence on protecting labor rights or workplace safety. Instead, Obama offers empty words and cold comfort to the families of the eleven dead oil rig workers, like he offered to the families of their brethren who died ( murdered is more like it)in last month's mine disaster. Meanwhile, the banksters, the mining tycoons, and the oil barons get a blank check.
Add these victims to the mound of corpses in Central Asia and you get a President who is every bit as lethal to workers as his predecessor.

Update: In a rare flash of sanity by corporate bloodsuckers, the spraying of dispersants was halted ( after the potential damge was done) so the new strategy of using a giant cap to seal the leak can be tried. I hope it works, but the corporate track record for efficiency leaves me doubtful.

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