Friday, May 7, 2010

"Fearless" Leaders Piss, Moan

The finance sector has no idea what it's doing.

Not a single one of them knows how an economy and an industry actually work. They come up with a bunch of numbers and shuffle papers and speculate. Speculate. The market is based on guessing.

Working people, we don't guess. We have to do, we have to know. We are held accountable when things go wrong. And why do things go wrong?

Mostly because the speculators can't get their own shit straight. They can't both produce and distribute goods in a reasonable way. Profit gets in the way of reason.

That means they end up saying stupid shit, like"Dan Greenhaus, chief economic strategist for Miller Tabak and Company," who told the NYT: "The economy is turning; unfortunately it is not improving as much as one would hope given the downturn."

Well thank you detective.

The economy can't improve without jobs. Without jobs there is no economy. These lousy morons can't get us jobs. Their whole system is posed on the brink of another collapse and all they can do is piss and moan.


comrade x said...

That's why the " Investor class" , a polite term for capitalists, are so damn destructive- to the economy, the environment, family, you name it. There is simply no long term planning other than the accumulation of wealth.

Dresden Scott said...

Right! And even their idea of pursuing wealth is narrow-minded, because it's not like it's wealth accumulated for the community, distributed for times of crises; it's narrowly accumulated and distributed within their own class. Greedy, short-sighted #(*^#(^$(@_!.