Monday, May 31, 2010

On the hues of kettles and pots.

For this post I was first inspired by a quote from South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in response to the alleged torpedoing of a warship by the North Koreans : "We had been forgetting ... the reality that this country faces the most belligerent regime in the world."

It's like the guy is totally oblivious to the character of his own goddamn ally. You know, the one his country is conducting military drills with "in case North Korea invades" (really it's just a provocative show of force).

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has insisted that North Korea end what she calls its "policy of belligerence."


Can we review the list? The US is conducting operations officially in two countries - as an open secret in three more (Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia), and has its fingers in plenty of other places, most notably in South America. The only other major power in recent years to actively invade a sovereign nation was the Russian attack on Georgia, for which the Ruskies caught a ton of flak (but, of course as it is still one of the world powers, no tangible reprucussions). No other country in the world but the good ole US of A is waging five major military operations simultaneously.

But that's all par for the course the most benevolent country in the world, which, incidentally, has been attempting the multi-regional occupation for two decades now.

And, not coincidentally, par for the course for the ally of another of the world's most belligerent nations.

But that's how it goes: On the world stage, might still makes right.


comrade x said...

The apologists for the Israeli government are allready trotting out their excuses, most of which blame Hamas, which makes about as much sense as a football bat.

Boyle said...

Can we agree that while we are bad and do bad things, and support countries that do bad things, that North Korea shouldn't also do bad things? And that it is lead by a weird, little short guy in platform shoes?

On a side note,
I actually thought those were going to go over when I made the lot of 10,000. Now, I have 10,000 football bats, and no tennis hoops to hit the golf birdies into.

Dresden Scott said...

Boyle, I agree. North Korea should absolutely not do bad things. I suspect that the torpedo attack was a mistake on their part, however - either a miscalculated diversion for their people, or the result of mounting breakdowns within their own military. Personally I favor the latter explanation - there will be a new leader soon and these are often turbulent times for dictatorships.

I hear the new guy is gonna speak English. Maybe he'll wear proper shoes, too.