Monday, May 24, 2010

Let the corporate bidding begin!

The most active sector of society has shifted to the right. And I'm not talking about the Teabaggers.

I'm talking about this report from the Washington Post re: corporate donations to the Grand Ole Party. So we're pretty much assured a shift to the right come November.

Don't get me wrong: it looks like it's going to be close at this stage. Obama's victory is still a perceived landmark for the little-f-left, despite the fact that the man and his administration have left ample space in every issue for criticism among every stripe of supporter. A lot of people still believe in what he fundamentally stands for - hope, change, all that jazz. And he's still African-American, although he's a Kenyan-American, basically, and doesn't exactly come from the tradition of "black America." He's just very much a hand-holding liberal politician, which makes him a corporate puppet when all is said and done.

The economic crisis and the mandate of a new President, however, has put a little bit of fight back in the left's diverse forces. (Just a little bit.) The future seems grim indeed, but there are other sectors of the left getting ready to fight back against the attacks on their standards of living - the nurses who care for us when we are ill (the battle in Minnesota has been foreshadowed by the struggle in Philadelphia), and the teachers whose responsibility it is to groom our generations despite lack of funding and backwards legislation.

These are the two places where struggle is very likely to break out in the near future. We aren't done reclaiming our country from the grip of the last administration's mistakes. (Boy howdy, there were a lot ... have we even gotten started yet?)

Unfortunately, the unions will continue to throw money at the Democrats with the misguided hope that they can possibly compete with corporations like the finance industry, like big oil and big weapons industries that basically ensure they get their man.

They tossed a black man on top of the bureaucracy heap and called it "socialism." Without further explanation, and with tiny reforms that could have taken place under anyone, right or left, the media and political system has again villainized left ideas and government oversight and allowed the rabid right to appear credible and heroic.

So come November we will indeed see some fucking nutty Republicans, maybe even some far-right independents where the Republicans can't accomodate the clueless constituents. We will see Democrats continue to crumple spinelessly. Hopefully the mountains of cash from corporate America doesn't tip the scales entirely, but the real catalyst for change rests as usual on the shoulders of the American working class.


Boyle said...

The case of Rand Paul is an interesting one. Is he a racist? Let us wait on that. Is he apathetic to the emotion and the effect that pre-Title II America had on African-Americans and other ethic groups? Yes. Freedom is a double edged sword that some wish to control so they can have the Freedom that feels just right. The difficulty of Title 2 is that it must be understood that it is in regards to public institutions. I believe (though there may be Supreme Court cases that say, wrongly, otherwise) that this cannot be applied to private clubs, organizations, etc. What Black Student organization wants to let a Skinhead join. Why would they join? To be a pain in the butt, I suppose. So, Rand Paul's understanding of the law is perhaps flawed, and that is why he dislikes it thinking that while it is legal to prohibit denying access to institutions such as groceries, lunch counters, etc, it is not legal to prohibit all institutions that wish to emphasize a certain aspect of humanity, even if it be a nasty side of humanity; I do not believe Title II is an overreaching law, as that. I think that is why Mr. Paul says what he says... Or he is a racist. Or both. I do not know what is inside his heart and soul, nor anyone else.

comrade x said...

I'm still wondering why the " socialist" President continues to allow BP to walk all over him and the Federal government. Why does Sec. of the Interior Ken Salazar still have a job? Why is our government still allowing corporate fuck- up of the world BP to oversee the containment of the leak?
Something stinks here...