Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Newsflash: Rich People Don't Care About Us Plebes

(Note: This was written before the tragic events in Arizona. Update on that front to come.)

Let them eat cake!

It turns out that the truth most working people have known since the 16th century (at least!) can be scientifically proven. Yep, that's right, Psychological Science just published a study that shows that rich people are less empathetic then their working class counterparts. What does that actually mean? That the upper crust of this society is less able to tell how a person is feeling from looking at them.


Scientists from the study posit that because working class people have to rely on each other, ask each other for help, and generally work together to keep from dying a slow and painful death in the gutter, we've developed the skills to understand and communicate with each other better. Rich people? Well, they can pay someone to do that for them. Seriously. Being rich can make a person less "human" or at least humane.

This study goes to show that it's unlikely a good directed appeal will cause the upper class to be guilted into handing over their stuff (even if it's just something simple like food we're asking for!). The only way us unwashed masses are going to get anywhere is by working together to fight against the system that causes such drastic inequality in the first place: capitalism.

It goes to show that in a society where the majority of us already have to work with each other to survive, the wealthy don't do much other than act like insensitive jerks. But at least they don't understand what they're doing is wrong, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

"Less empathetic" THAN, not "then."

comrade x said...

You only have to look at Paris Hilton's $300,000 dog house or listen to Barbara Bush's stupid comments after Hurricane Katrina to realize how out of touch the super rich are with the rest of us.

Dani Indovino said...

Yeah, even communication professionals have typos. Sadly I don't have any proofers. Wanna take a shot, Anonymous?

Samantha said...

Most definitely true. There are times when I've loaned or gave away money/resources that I barely had because I know just how bad it hurts to go without.

Good article, dude.