Monday, January 31, 2011

Denounce Mubarak!

Barak Obama promised change; hundreds of thousands of stubborn, fed-up Tunisians and Egyptians have delivered.

And I realize the United States is missing a tremendous - no, historic opportunity to raise its clout. To look, for the first time in decades, like it legitimately cares about democracy and self-determination over its own geopolitical dominance. Yet so far Obama and Hillary Clinton have done nothing but offer pathetic words of support for the tyrant Mubarak. Their lack of a strong stance in favor of Egyptian democracy plays down the influence America could have in the white-hot forge of revolution.

As it is, our lack of support makes us look like assholes. Our lack of mass pressure on Obama makes us look like we all support Arabian dictators.

All the government officials are scrambling to keep up with the opposition leaders, to see if its "someone they can work with," musing whether or not their precious Israli peace can be maintained. But the wisest way to ensure a government hospitable to American interests is to declare support for the people's self-determination. Through the revolution, they, as in Tunisia, will struggle until they get a government with which they are satisfied.

Media sources also continue to point out a "lack of leadership." Also bullshit. Every single one of these protesting Egyptians is a leader. Simply because they haven't (yet? or won't?) had the need to create a hierarchy doesn't mean they are weak or cannot democratically control their own economy and lives. Perhaps Egypt and Tunisia serve as a warning to all those who cling to obsoleting notions of "the political party" as the summit of society's functionality.

The people are doing it for themselves. Classical democracy is making a comeback, empowered by technologies and the internets. Do Americans really want to serve a government that stands in the way of that?

UPDATE: It seems the Prime Minister of Turkey knows how to vie for the respect of the new revolutionary generation. Hell, even Iran is trying to get its foot in the door. For shame, America. You fail at counter-balancing your own imperialist boogeyman.


comrade x said...

Democratic Leadership Council pundits are claiming that Obama inspired the Egyptian protestors because of his campaign in 2008.

Dresden Scott said...

Eh, there's a sliver of truth to that. Obama raised expectations worldwide. It was nothing he did, it was what people hoped he would stand for - an end to US arrogance as foreign policy. Wasn't the case. People are impatient waiting for empire to end. So, yes, he's the inspiration ... but not in a positive way.