Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Armed And Dimwitted

One thing you should know about commies- a lot of us own guns. Despite the stereotype of granola- crunching, sandle- wearing, pacifistic leftists propagated by the blowhards on The Man's News network most of us are just ordinary workin' folk- some of whom enjoy hunting, skeet, or blasting the hell out of tin cans with a semi- automatic rifle as much as any conservative.
There are a growing number of us Lefty shooters organizing at the grassroots level to counter the uber right and corrupt political activities of the National Rifle Association. Firearm ownership has been described by that same organization as an " awesome responsibilty" yet its membership seems determined to act in a awesomely stupid and irresponsible manner.Just look at the recent gathering of openly armed,overweight white dudes in northern VA. They claimed to be defending their 2nd Amendment rights. Yeah, sure guys. What you really wanted to do was parade around in public with a rifle slung over your shoulder and intimidate people you see in your myopic world view as " un- American".
Its that kind of crap, which the NRA remains silent on or even endorses, which is spurring the growth of alternative gunowner organizations who believe that it's not cool for a maniac to walk into a gun show and purchase any damn thing he wants. Or believe that walking around in public trying to scare the shit out of people is kind of an asshole thing to do.
But then again, could you imagine the pants- shitting FOX & Friends would do if a hundred Reds marched through a park with AR- 15s and AKs on their shoulders? Hmmmmm... May Day is coming up.


TWhitley said...

I like to use my gun to hunt the wily granola...while wearing the requisite sandals, of course. :^) It's my 242nd Amendment right, by gum!

The Virginia klan gathering was laughable both in its attitudes as well as its numbers. Crabby fat white guys with guns.

comrade x said...

What gets me is they demand that the Constitution be restored- guess what dummies? The healthcare bill passed using the process mandated in the Constitution. It doesn't become unconstitutional just because you don't like it.