Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real Revolutionaries Don't Make The News

Very quietly, some media outlets acknowledged that on the same day the Tea Baggers were showing what they are really all about that the anti- war movement had also staged a protest against the Obama administration. Whereas the incoherent and badly educated white folks in the Tea Party protest made headlines with their antics towards members of congress, the much larger- some 10,000, plus thousands more nationally vs. a couple hundred reactionaries- barely made page 3 of most newspapers.
What is really telling is the fact that seven of the anti- war protesters were arrested for civil disobedience, while nary a Tea Bagger went off to jail, despite one of them spitting on a congressman, which is an assault charge is most states. Kind of tells you who the elites in Washington are really more afraid of.
Note to Tea Baggers: A real revolutionary doesn't defend the privileges of the establishment. None of your Left- wing counterparts are sponsored by an equivalent of Dick Armey or promoted by crazy people with chalkboards on FOX News.

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