Monday, March 22, 2010

a qualatative change

Well, after intense and nauseating debate, it looks as though the health care bill passed, accompanied by backflips from the cosmetic lefties and cries of disgust from our already worn-out friends, the Teabaggers. Seriously, though, who is sticking up for the rights of everyday people? It isn't Planned Parenthood. That half-hearted statement they made is enough to make me cry into my coffee. (I almost hope my comrades at the Bolshechix don't see it ... things have been disheartening enough lately as it is. Oh, and Dez E., I'll totally go to a unpermitted protest on Lake - even if we're the only ones who show up!)

Anyway, back to what I was ranting about ... oh, yes. None of these goddamn liberal social institutions are doing a goddamn thing for us right now. It's about freakin' time we started holding their leadership accountable and electing more radical people to take the helm. And if the institutions are so undemocratic that we can't change their leadership, then I say we build alternative organizations. Health care reform could have been seriously better. We could have had single payer for Chrissake. I mean, it's our work that makes all the money for our scum bag bosses and corporations, the least they could do is pay a ton of taxes and cover all our healthcare.

After all, there's a reason I haven't had healthcare since I graduated college - I can't afford it.


comrade x said...

Well, I have allready nearly come to blows criticizing this legislation in front of democrats I know. I was called a " fucking commie dreamer", told if I had my " fucking revolution" then I could say something, and accussed of " aiding the Republicans" because I wasn't on board with President Obama's plan.
These guys are so desperate for some validation for all the sweat they put into getting this good buddy of corporate America elected that they simply refuse to look at this mess closely. They expect Congress is going to now start building on this " reform" and magically pull a single- payer system out of their ass.
This " reform" is doing exactly what the Elite wants it to do: be a smokescreen so that the base will stop demanding socialized medicine.

comrade x said...

" After all there is a reason I haven't had healthcare since I graduated college- I can't afford it."
And soon you will have to buy it- or get fined by the Federal Government.
Fuck you in the ass? YES WE CAN!

Dresden Scott said...

Yeah, it's funny how they intend to "market" it to the American people. I figure anything that requires marketing is probably a sham.

JJR said...

The no-denial for pre-ex thing is about the only good thing I can point to. Oh, and there are to be subsidies available for those who can't afford insurance. I have to ask, all that hullabaloo for THAT? The Democratic party should've taken their majority and said "screw bipartisanship, it's payback time, biyaches";

They did finally do that (far too late in the game) because the GOP left them with no other option. The GOP always plays for keeps while the Dems always try to take the mythic high road and sell most Americans down the river in the process, because truth be told they like corporate campaign cash as much as the GOP.

On the other hand, if there's a round 2 and a real push for Single Payer or at least a Public Option, GOP rhetoric has already been strained to the breaking point and is going to start sounding like the boy who cried wolf: "Aaah! Socialism! Gov't takeover of the Economy!! And this time we REALLY mean it, too!"

FDR back in the day used to joke with his cabinet during the New Deal "ok, Socialists, let's get to work."; Back then he experienced real heat and pressure from genuine Socialists on his left, and Populists like Huey Long, pushing him further left than he would have on his own. Obama needs the same pressure. Without it we just get milquetoast reformism like this...a few bones and scraps thrown to the middle class, mainly. Helps out some parents with really sick kids. It's not ALL bad, but so short of what it should have been.

comrade x said...

JJR: " a few bones and scraps" will be enough of a distraction to shelve any large scale advocacy for a single- payer health care system for a decade I'm afraid.

Jacquie said...

Tho not perfect, I must say I'm very glad I live in Canada.