Friday, June 14, 2013

Solidarity with the Turkish uprising!

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General Strike called for by the DISK and KISK union federations, Hava-Is continues strike against Turkish Airlines (THY) that began May 15.
Turkey, is largely considered the most “democratic” and “secular” nation in the middle east.
There are several reports that suggest the uprising “began” to escalate over a dispute as to whether a popular historic central park used by the working masses–should be made into a corporate shopping mall for the profit of the wealthy and their political stooges. And when there was a show of force of people to resist the demolition, the political and wealthy elite who rule society used their loyal servants–the police, to forcefully remove them. The police do not act independently as an institution and it incorrect to think so. How many thousands of times must we see such similar situations, in ten thousand trivial examples before we come to the realization that we workers and oppressed won’t have control over society until we confront the wealthy capitalists and their political stooges?
The uprising appears to represent more pro-worker, democratic and secular aspirations, as well as an opposition to the ultra-reactionary aspirations of radical Islamism and neo-liberal austerity. The degree of leverage the uprising will provide to groups and movements in the region and the world with similar aspirations will be heavily influenced by the degree of success of the Turkish popular uprising.
It is important to expose the faux democracy of ALL nations (Especially those where we live) which serve and are ruled by the wealthiest of society like Turkey, not merely the ultra-reactionary mission of a section of that wealthy elite. Only when the working masses take more control over their nations and society can they have a Genuine say in what is more useful to our society–a beautiful historic public park or a monolithic shopping mall; a media that serves the interests of the masses, or a media that serves the interests of the wealthy and police; healthcare available for all, or healthcare available for politicians and those who can afford it; a healthy environment for all, or a healthy environment for those who can afford to live away from pollution; democratic and civil rights available to all, or disparity of democratic and civil rights dependent on specific constituencies; the list goes on and on.

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