Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trump: The Joke

First of all, apologies for the long posting hiatus. A perfect storm of writing other things, sickness ( both me and the computer ), and just plain ennui kept me from the blog. The fact that no Southern governor did anything outrageously stupid during Confederate History Month didn't help either.
Fortunately Donald Trump has come along to make writing a post about him insanely easy. Trump is a perfect example of how retarded business/ economics majors are- even if they did go to a top college. See, when you get everything handed to you on a silver platter there's no need to use your brain. Just get Daddy to throw money at a problem until it goes away. Or when you are out in the big, tough world of business, run to the surrogate father of all rich white American assholes- the Federal government.
Trump is such an epic asshole he makes George W. Bush seem charming. Trump has made a number of idiotic statements that reveal the secret 12- year old inside the big, tough businessman he pretends to be ( how the fuck these bourgeoise shitbirds think they are so badass when they have never served in the military, worked at a real job, or felt the effects of the sacrifices they demand everyone else make, is really beyond me ). The dude is so desperate for attention and out- of- touch with the real world that he doesn't usually know how fuckin' ignorant he is and even when he does, he doesn't care, because even negative attention is better than none.
So let's review what Trump has been up to this month:
1) He is sort of, maybe running for president. This is classic Trump- he is always desperate to grab the spotlight and shine it on himself, but doesn't want to actually do anything. Trump is allergic to work, so look for him to drop out of a race he was never really in.
2) He revived the idiotic, racist conspiracy theories about President Obama's birth certificate. When the President gave him a backhanded bitch slap, makin Trump and the rest of the mouthbreathing birther assholes look like morons. Trump then loudly, and lamely, claimed to be " proud" of the part he played in this colossal waste of everybody's time.
So you're proud? Whatever junoir, go sit in the corner.
3) Trump gave a surreal performance in Vegas yesterday, engaging in a profanity laced diatribe against the Saudis, Chinese, and American politicians. Of course the Pavlovian teabagger dogs that made up his audience lapped it up ( never mind that Trump and other rich American assholes own factories in China and are as likely to move away from there as a Frenchman who lives next door to a brothel- goddam, wake the fuck up people ).
4) Trump also advocates outright imperialist aggression, you know like the good old days when a Western power could simply walk into someone else's country and take it. Trump baldly stated that the oilfields in Iraq and Libya should belong to the U.S. since we went through all the trouble of attacking those countries.
( You know, I actually find that kind of honesty to be refreshing. I get so tired of the elaborate fronts that the U.S. government creates, mafioso style, to justify its presence in so many nations around the world ).
Crazy shit like this is why Trump: The Candidate should not be taken seriously. Even if he does decide to run ( not likely, but weirder things have happened ) he will not get the Republican Party's endorsement. Trump is rocking too many boats and talking smack about China and tariffs are not going to win him very many friends in the GOP establishment.
However, Trump: The Joke, will be very usefull to the GOP if he quits and endorses a blander Republican brand like Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty. Idiots like Trump, Palin, or Bachmann are great for riling up the teabagger base, who then can be steered towards a more acceptable candidate ( i.e. someone who has more than a snowball's chance in hell of winning an election). In the meantime, enjoy the show.

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