Saturday, February 5, 2011

Egypt And Capitalism's Lack Of Vision

Democracy for an insignificant minority, democracy for the rich- that is the democracy of capitalist society.- V.I. Lenin

Our ruling class loves to pass the buck. When an administration comes into the White House they desperately try to hold as much of the creaking American Empire in place as possible, praying that the whole rotten structure doesn't collapse on their watch.
When the inevitable happens and one of their client states erupts in revolution against the corrupt autocrat Washington has been backing for decades, these assholes have the nerve to be surprised.
It is amusing to watch Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of Empire's caretakers running about in a total gagglefuck over the revolutions sweeping across the Middle East. One day they back Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's self- appointed president- for- life. The very next they ask him to leave Egypt. The current strategy seems to consist of mumbling platitudes about freedom and democracy while quietly maneuvering another stooge into Egypt's presidency.
Nice try. The Egyptian people allready know Omar Suleiman, Egypt's vice- president, C.I.A. liasion, and former military intelligence chief, is an asshole and can be counted on to overwhelmingly reject him.
Why are capitalists so inept at Empire? Or building any kind of political stability in the world? Han China existed for over 400 years The Romans built an empire that lasted for over 7 centuries. The first great capitalist empire, that of Great Britain, spanned the globe but burnt itself out in less than two hundred years. Other European colonial empires were extinguished even faster.
The ruling class of the United States came up with a new variation of empire- indirect rule. By the mid- twentieth century, technological advances in communications, transportation, and armaments ( particularly in air and sea power )made direct rule obsolete. It was much easier to rule a country by proxy. A general, a monarch, or a dictator is much easier to maintain than a garrison. The fact that the autocrat was a native of the country he ruled on the behalf of the American ( now global )economic elite preserved the fiction of independence. The native military, not the American, would do the dirty work of empire- torture, imprisonment, and murder of anyone who rose against the status quo. Only if the shit got totally out of hand did the U.S. Marines go charging in.
So why is this brutal yet elegant system falling apart before our very eyes?
The answer lies in the lack of vision on the part of the real power behind modern nation states: the capitalist class ( aka the ruling class, the investor class, the bourgeoisie, the Bosses, The Man, The Enemy ). Unlike the elites of empires past, our rulers are not motivated to leave a legacy to history. They are not motivated by outmoded notions such as glory or honor. They are motivated by greed, the bottom line, the profit margin. There are no plans for the future- the capitalist only exists for the present. It matters not a bit to him if in order to increase his own personal wealth he has to impoverish thousands of American workers by sending their jobs to markets with cheaper labor. His interest in freedom is limited to his personal freedom to make more money- to to this he his perfectly willing to back dictators, military strongmen, and corrupt " democracies", where the people suffer from the attentions of not a single tyrant but from that of a hundred petty tyrants ( e.g. Haiti). All beholden to The Man, of course.
The stability of the Middle East is of no interest to the capitalists who caused it by backing autocratic regimes for so long. As long as their investments paid off, the Middle East can go to hell. Similarly, the long term well- being of the United States does not concern them at all. America may be bankrupt, in chaos, and reviled throughout the world in the near future but as long as our capitalists get their ill- gotten wealth, they are perfectly willing to let the country they profess to love so much collapse into ruin. If these parasites were true patriots they would accept a high tax rate on their fortunes and pay their taxes instead of putting the burden on the working class. If they really wanted to balance the budget they would voluntarily pony up the dough rather than make cuts to social programs working people use- cuts that are not going to make a even a miniscule dent in the deficeit anyway.
Capitalism has run its historic course and served its purpose of pulling the world out of the Middle Ages. Now it is dying and like a dinosaur, is crushing everything around it in its death throes. Markets are dissaprearing, resources are being consumed in ever greater quantities, nations are being destroyed, and economies are being broken. Time has come for the American people to wake from their long slumber, and , like a titan, shake ourselves free of the fetters our new aristocrats seek to bind us with. Follow the brave examples of the people of Egypt and Tunisia. One day, soon I hope, the world will stand amazed at the sight of millions of Americans standing up to their own corrupt, isolated elite and telling them " Enough!".

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