Monday, December 6, 2010

Obama's Tax Cut Deal: Seriously, Are You Surprised?

President Obama is not even trying to look like a populist these days. Explaining why he decided to allow the tax cuts for billionaires to endure, he offered this little gem:" Make no mistake, allowing taxes to go up on all Americans would have raised taxes by $3,000 for a typical American family and that could cost our economy well over a million jobs."
He's using Republican talking points now? What's next, does he run for re- election as a Republican? He might as well, for there are no real differences between the two plutocrat parties today. Obama threw the man-of-the-people routine aside and finally revealed himself to be the defender of privilege and obscene wealth.
Turns out that far from being a socialist, Obama is trying to outdo George W. Bush as Corporate Tool Of The Century. From granting drilling exemptions to oil companies drilling in the Gulf of Mexico ( the first while Deepstar Horizon was still ablaze )to the mandate forcing the public to buy private health insurance, Obama is the bestest buddy money can buy.
It sounds great on the surface, don't it? Our ruling class is sooooo happy. " Every motherfucker in America is getting a tax cut now!" Trouble is, how in the fuck are we going to pay for it? The phony tough guys in Congress lecture us on being frugal while jetting around the country in private planes and sucking the caviar off of the bellies of the $500.00 an hour hookers they rented. Yeah, these flabby bastards are so tough... taking the bread out of the mouths of children, closing their schools, making the elderly work until they drop dead. It doesn't do squat to lower the deficeit, but it looks like they are doing something.
I will be thinking of frugality this Christmas, Mr. President, while you and your new Republican friends stuff your gobs with rare, and expensive, delicacies at the White House Christmas Dinner.

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