Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Low In Political Idiocy: Teabaggers Defend Puppy Mills

Teabaggers have continously lowered the bar when it comes to credulity, but a protest aimed at legislation closing down puppy mills takes the fuckin' cake. Apparently our mentally challenged countrymen have a weed up their ass because they have been fed a line about how regulating mass- dog breeding centers will make it too expensive for middle- income Americans to own dogs.
Here's an idea, genius. Take a look out your window. See all those four- legged mammals digging through the garbage? Those are dogs moron. You can take in a stray. Or better yet, go down to the local Humane Society shelter ( a socialist organization according to zany Teabagger lore ) and adopt a canine. People do it all the time.
You know, I used to be worried about the Extreme Right in this country. But if it comes to civil war, like many of these clowns earnestly hope for, a single commie soldier could wipe out a division of Teabaggers in an hour. All the comrade would have to do is point to a cliff and tell them, " Sarah Palin says jump off that."


Dresden Scott said...

Oh, that's low. Because only evil lefties care about the well-being of animals. This really reveals them for the soulless blackguards they really are.

comrade x said...

Prepare to be shocked... Missouri has a huge dog breeding industry and many a Republican reptile has invested in it.