Thursday, June 3, 2010

GOP Falls On Its Sword On Immigration Issue

Not since the Chinese Exclusion Act targeted Asian immigrants in 1868 America has there been such a legal boon to bigots as Arizona's SB 1070 Support Our Law Enforcement And Safe Neighborhoods Act. In the great tradition of Orwellian doublespeak the name means the very opposite of what it is. The majority of law enforcement think its going to make their jobs more difficult and the neighborhoods are not in great danger. At least the Exclusion Acts had an honest ring to them. Their authors were proud they were racist assholes.
So Governor Jan Brewer ( R) joins the Far Right Pantheon of Short- Sighted Losers who are dragging the GOP on the fast track to the Dustbin Of History. For the sake of their own personal careers, by pandering to the fears of the for now majority of white folks, they are alienating the soon- to- be largest block of voters in the Southwest, the Latino population. Within a generation, look to see the Republican Party as a rump neoconfederate relic, dying a slow death in the Old Confederacy. Which means the Democrats can complete their triumphant march to the Right and build a new conservative party, with not race, but how big of an asshole you can be to workers the only criteria for joining.
In the meantime, resistance to the biggest racist asshole law in recent memory has spontaneously risen from all kinds of sources. Naturally the Latinos, both native and recently arrived, are raising hell. The unions are condemning it. Other states are boycotting ceremonial and sports functions.
The Republican Party's self- immolation over this issue is a great example of what Marx described as Capitalism's contradictions setting the stage for its eventual destruction. The current crop of Republican politicians are willing to sacrifice anything, even their party's future, for their short- term self - interest. The party of unfettered greed a victim of its own philosophy. Irony. Us Reds love it.

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