Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Irony Of Teabaggery

The corporate- sponsored right- wing populist movement known as the Tea Party is a sham wrapped in a con wrapped in a fraud. Painting it as a "spontaneous, grass roots" movement are the same few capitalist lackeys who planned it all out even before Barack Obama's election and organized it via the plutocrat's propaganda machine FOX News.
The Right in the U.S.A. is so bereft of revolutionary imagery that once again they had to take what they needed from the Left and incorporate it in their repertoire. Hence the clenched fist in the teabagger poster and the reference to a march- an attempt to paint an anti- worker, racist corporate event as an equivalent to Dr. King's March On Washington in 1963. The reason for this deception is clear to anyone who has studied American history. The sponsors of the Tea Parties, reactionary corporatist lobbies like Americans For Prosperity and Dick Armey's Freedom Works represent the elite class, who have never done anything to advance the rights of working people- in this country or elsewhere in the world. And now, like the wolf in sheep's clothing, they disguise falsehood as truth and oligarchy as freedom.

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